Thoughts on Furthering Your Education in Lafayette

When seeking Lafayette jobs, you are always looking for a way to stand out over the competition. To find that edge, you may want to consider returning to an institute of higher learning (or attending it for the first time). Going back to college (or a trade school) can give your current career a boost, or it can help you jump-start a career change. Here are a few reasons why you should hit the books again:

1. Getting a degree makes you more marketable: we live in a higher education saturated economy. Jobs that require degrees tend to be higher paying and that those kinds of jobs are growing at a remarkable pace. Getting an advanced degree (or even just a bachelor’s) will make you more marketable and more attractive to potential employers.

2. It can increase your expertise in your field: going back to school can give you an edge in your current line of work. Picking up an advanced degree can increase your knowledge of your field, as well as set you up for more responsibilities and possibly higher pay.

3. It’s really useful for career changes: one of the most difficult challenges facing people trying to change careers is learning the required skills for their desired field of work. The easiest why to do that is to go to school and take classes on them, and picking up a degree in that field will help you land a job that will launch your new career.

4. School is full of connections: networking is extremely easy if you spend a significant amount of time on a college campus. Most professors have experience in the professional world, and they make valuable wells of information and advice. Joining clubs that specialize in certain careers and tapping alumni groups will help you make even more connections. Job recruiters also frequently visit colleges, so keep an eye out for them too.

By Kyle Wise

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